Types of Contractures


There are different types of contractures existing in the medical world today and it is essential that you take a look at them. Basically, contractures arise when there is major harm to the nearby muscles or joints, and the shortening of the muscle or the joint. In simple words, contractures are defined as the permanent shortening of muscles due to a wide variety of causes. While the causes of contractures are different in most cases, there are some generic causes associated with this condition. Any kind of severe injury to the nearby region can lead to major impact on the functioning of the nearby muscle or joint. Over time, the tightened muscles and tendons freeze in that particular position, leading to permanent muscle shortening or contractures.

Volkmann’s Contracture

The case of Volkmann’s contractures is special as it is the name given to contractures that arise out of forearm injuries. These contractures are specific ischemic contractures that arise due to a lack of proper blood supply in the region. Usually, a case of Volkmann’s contracture arises when there is any major kind of injury to the forearm. Crush injuries, fractures and some other major accidents can lead to a severe impact on the forearm. With time, the lack of blood supply would lead to widespread damage onto the nerves and muscles in the region. These nerves and muscles would then become scarred and shortened. Now, due to the shortening of the muscle, it pulls at the joint at its end, in the hand and wrist. The stiffness fixes the hand in a claw like position, leading to a severe case of contractures. There are some simple steps through which you can resolve this condition of contractures. While most of the steps need to be taken in the early stages, some of them can bring relief in later stages of the contractures too.


Dupuytren’s Contracture

These types of contractures are somewhat similar to the Volkmann’s contracture, in the sense that they are related to the hand. However, the Dupuytren’s contracture is a bit different as they are related to the permanent bending of the fingers towards the palm. Such contractures can be taken care of through different surgical means and procedures. Like all other types of contractures, it is essential that treatment is carried out at the earliest for best results.

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